Company Section


The Company section is made up of Boys from Primary 7 to S6.

The boys are Split up to age of 15 years knows as Company sections and those over 15 to 18 are known as Seniors.

The Company meet on a Friday night from 8pm till 10pm

The Uniform for the Company section is a Blue Shirt with the B.B Emblem, Black trousers and Black Shoes. Through sport, physical and learning skills we encourage the boys to develop their characters with respect for themselves and others. Discipline based on a Christian Moral.

A typical Friday evening will see the boys in Full uniform to begin . They will Fall in squads of approx 6 boys - at this point they receive instructions and announcements for the week and have their uniformed inspected and marked.

The boys then fallout from their squads and reassemble as one large drill squad, once complete the boys are Discharged and move into their badge work classes. These badge work classes focus and teach the boys teamwork, leadership, community, social and practical.

The boys then have time for their Tuck shop and change out of their uniform.

Physical hobbies and leisure, the boys have choices on what they can take part in each week such as Volleyball, Basketball, 5 a side Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, I.T Skills, Quizzes and team games. The company Section compete with other companies in the Falkirk area in the above skills plus annual competitions for Swimming, Vaulting, Drill, Cross Country, Chess, Golf, First Aid, Christian Faith and Football.

8th Falkirk has represented Scotland in Boys Brigade competitions in 5 a side Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis.

We also arrange various outings throughout the year culminating in our annual Summer canvas camp.

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