Juniors Section


The Junior Section meets on a Friday night 6:45pm to 8:15

The junior program on a Friday night consists of Falling-in and inspection. Then the boys carry out their practice for Maze Marching. Then the boys will have an activity - whether it is physical or mental/craft.

The Junior Section compete in many Battalion competitions based around Falkirk.

Juniors Football 

5 a-side Football

Boys play indoor 5 a side football once a year which is usually based at Scottish HQ - Carronvale in Larbert.

7 a-side Football

The boys play 7 a side football every Saturday morning in a league format based at Langlees Primary School.

Figure Marching

The boys compete as a squad (of no less than 8 boys), the boys march and carry out different moves on the command of the Drill Officer. different moves the boys carry out during marching are the snowball, spiral, criss cross and basic marching and Halt.


The competition is about different passages in the Bible that the boys have time to read and be prepared on.


This takes place at Grangemouth Stadium. The sports that the boys participate in are Obstacle race, 100m, sack race and Long Jump


The Swimming gala takes place at Grangemouth Sports Complex, and the boys compete in Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Free Style and a Relay.

Find out more about the Juniors section at The Official Boys' Brigade Website - Juniors Section.