Paul Mitchell            


Paul Mitchell - CaptainPauls role as Captain means he is the man in charge of the 8th Falkirk Company - he has to make the decisions on how the company continues to move forward.  All officers are reportable to the Company Captain.

Paul was the first person to Complete his Captains training through the new venture called Managing Together. Managing together is a scheme set up for Captains and Officers to complete their training between the uniformed organisations (Boys Brigade, Scouts, Girls Brigade and Girl Guides). Paul was the First person to pass out from any organisation through the Managing Together Scheme.

Paul has been in the boys brigade since he was in Primary 1 - Paul served 3 years in the Anchor boys before gaining his promotion to the Junior section - Paul carried out his service through his 3 years in the Junior section before he gained his Gold badge and promotion to the Company section. Paul completed his 7 years in the company section and received his Discharge certificate in 2006.

After completing his service in 8th Falkirk as a boy the next progression for Paul was to continue onto an Officer which he served as a lieutenant for 7 years - 2 of these as the Officer in Charge of the Company Section.

Eventually Paul made the last possible promotion within 8th Falkirk in 2012 when he was promoted from Lieutenant and Officer in Charge of the Company Section to Captain.

Paul received his Queens Badge in 2005

Graeme Goldie

Officer in charge of Company section         

Brian Grant        COMING SOON








Sandy Nimmo            

Officer in charge of Junior section

Sandy NimmoSandy is the Officer in Charge of the Juniors, he is the man responsible for starting to form the Juniors into a more Strict and structured side ready for their promotion to the Company Section. He is also responsible for entering the boys into Competitions and the travel arrangements for the boys in Battalion competitions.

Sandy Joined 8th Falkirk Junior Section (Or Life Boys as it was known back then) in September 1969. At this time the Juniors used to meet at the North End Hall with the Late Mr John K. Tait and Mrs I Slater.

Sandy received his Queens Badge in 1979.

Elaine Burnett      
Officer in charge of Anchor section

Elaine BurnettElaines role as Officer in Charge of the Anchors (the youngest Boys in the Boys Brigade) is to help the anchors to meet new boys and start the process of making friends and learning new activities about the Boys Brigade. Elaine also has the role of preparing the boys for their promotion to the Junior Section. Elaine Also has the role of the Treasurer for the Company.

Elaine joined 8th Falkirk in 2001 as a parent helper with the Anchors. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to become an Officer in 2005 and also took over in 2005 as the Officer in charge of the Anchors. Elaine also is heavily involved with the company section and helps with the 5 a side football and Badminton and organises Swimming for all sections on a Monday evening.

Elaine also heads the Fundraising committee.


William Mochrie        


William MochrieWilliam or Bill as he is better known is the Officer in Charge of the Company Section - Bills Roles sees him responsible for the boys in the Company section (oldest boys in the Boys Brigade), he is responsible for entering the boys into Competitions and travel to those competitions both in the Battalion and Nationally.

Bill Joined 8th Falkirk in 1949 as a Life boy and progressed through the company until in 1959 he was promoted to Staff Sergeant ( the first step to becoming an Officer). Bill eventually became an Officer in 1961 for a year before he left in 1962 due to other commitments which included getting Married. Bill then returned in 1984 as an Officer and has served since.

Bill was Officer in charge of the Company section from 1992 until 2005 when he became Captain which he served until 2012. Bill returned to the role of Officer In Charge of the Company Section from 2012 till 2018 when he then stepped back to a Lieutenant. Bill is also the Treasurer of the Company.

Bill received his Queens Badge in 1959.

Brian Grant               


Brian GrantBrian is an officer based mainly in the Junior Section but also stays to carry out duties within the Company Section.

As a boy Brian was a member of the 2nd Cumbernauld Boys Brigade Company.

Brian started out helping with the Junior Section at 8th Falkirk in 2002 when his son Daniel was a member of the Junior Section, carrying out simple helper duties such as running boys to Swimming and Football. In 2007 after a plea at parents night Brian made the step up to become an Officer. Brian is now an Officer involved with both the Juniors and Company sections. Brian works with the Company section boys working towards Queens Badge and also is the Officer responsible for running the Table Tennis team both at Battalion and National level. Brian hopes to get his Table Tennis team back to the top like a few years ago when he has teams reach national finals and travel to England and Ireland. Brian did consider leaving the company when Daniel left but after meeting boys in Falkirk High street and them asking about the boys brigade he realised he couldn't walk away from something he enjoys so much.


William Campbell             


Brian GrantWilliam is an officer based mainly in the Anchor Boys but also stays to carry out duties within the Company Section.

William joined 8th Falkirk in 2008, He was in junior section when he joined.  William started to take responsibility within the company when he was working towards his Presidents badge and Queens badge. William enjoyed the chance to help the company, so decided to stay on and become an officer.

William recieved his queens badge in 2016

Mark Nicol           

Brian Grant        COMING SOON






Darryn Kennedy          

Brian Grant        COMING SOON



Holiday Helpers


      Scott                      Joe

      Kelso                  Jenkins


All officers and Helpers are part of the PVG scheme which has replaced the disclosures.


More information about PVG is available at What is PVG?

All officers are trained to administer a basic level of First Aid.

At Bainsford Parish Church we also have a Defibrillator - should the worst happen.


First Aid CrossTrained First Aiders (Certified)


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